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 Relationship: us and Him

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Relationship: us and Him Empty
PostSubject: Relationship: us and Him   Relationship: us and Him I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 29, 2008 10:09 pm

Many of us call ourselves Christian but how many actually have a relationship with God, our Father? For indeed, the deeper the relationship we have with our Father, the deeper will be our desire to please Him. The relationship that we have with God can almost be illustrated with us being in any kind of relationship. Relationships need to be nurtured, not taken for granted and it will grow with time, we need to be willing to spend our time just to get to know the other party, to be able to learn of their ways and eventually learn to please them, we need to communicate, listen and spend special time together. The difference we have as a Christian is the relationship that we have with God, that have the power change our lives, our prayers answered, miracles happened and we have all the possibilities to make the impossible be possible (Matthew 19:26, Mark 9:23, Luke 18:27).

This relationship we have with God however is different from any other relationship we have with people. God will never disappoint us, He will never hurt us, He will never be too busy to listen to us, He will always understand without words and He reads our tears, wrapped our heart with care and among all, He loved us first and love us always. In this relationship, no matter how much we do or have done will ever compare with His. Therefore, in this relationship, we need to spend more effort to understand Him because He has first understand us, we need to approach and communicate with Him as He has always been waiting, as we start spending more time with Him, as we grow to know Him better and better, we need to maintain and nurture this relationship because it is often us who abandon and forgets about Him while He is always faithful.

Keeping this relationship is not easy because we are faced with often what we thought as too much challenges in life that often distracts us from spending time with Him. Often we fall into the trap of looking for someone visible that can give us comfort but truly, we can find much more satisfying comfort by coming to His knees. As Christians, we often neglect the importance of coming and listening to Him instead we come to Him and focus on ourselves. We neglect the importance of the balance of our relationship as we ask Him to fulfill our desire and need; we are often selfish and forget about His needs. Of course, God does not need anything from us, He has everything but the one thing that He desires is for us to come to Him and ask Him to teach us to please Him, to shine for Him, how we can love Him more. Like any relationship, we want to loved and be loved. God loves us and He longs for us to love Him too but He does not demand, He does not force us, He does not ask for a love in return. He gives His love unceasingly and gracefully, waiting for us to love Him more than the love that we have in any of our relationships.

Having a relationship with God is one of the greatest gifts that He has given us as His children. The one thing that can gives us the strength, positivity and perseverance through the storms of life, that gives us courage, certainty and comfort in times of need and most of all, being close to Him we have the assurance that our path will be lit even when the hours in the darkest. As His children, let us all work together to maintain, cherish and nourish this relationship that He has so gracefully give us. Very Happy

Gampateeeeeeeee!!!! cheers Hohohoho
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Relationship: us and Him
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