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 Exercise Fun Tips : Come Share =)

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Exercise Fun Tips : Come Share =) Empty
PostSubject: Exercise Fun Tips : Come Share =)   Exercise Fun Tips : Come Share =) I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 08, 2009 10:40 am

Just to share about my experience on exercising and make it fun to do...

Fun Tips 1:

If you want to do push up or sit up, find a comfortable place with comfortable clothing...why ?

When you do it right, in spacious room, and comfortable clothing, your brain will record it as something good rather than you do it in your bedroom which is small, and with jeans or uncomfortable shirt...when you feel those uncomfortable feeling, you will do it less or it would cause you not to do it anymore...

For me, I do it in my living room with some loose t-shirt with shorts..

If you shy and afraid that your housemates will look at you and laugh, don't worry about it because we are doing positive thing, from my experience, they start doing it slowly when I'm doing it.... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Fun Tips 2:

I got this from my coach blog, mentioning about Kaizen Theory

Kaizen is method of continuous incremental improvements is an originally Japanese management concept for gradual, continuous (incremental) change (improvement)

Kaizen is actually a way of life philosophy. It assumes that every aspect of our life deserves to be constantly improved....

So never be afraid to start something, remove "weak" vocabulary from your head, you are just not strong enough... Every one start from zero, and you will become stronger gradually day by day if you start doing something today and mind this "Thousand Miles of Journey Starts With One Step"

Thats why Japanese people have good quality products, because they improve slowly to be better and better products..

Kaizen explanation taken from here

Fun Tips 3:

Ever tried to jog around and end up losing breath ? I suspect that you haven't do a proper warm up exercise....For me when I do it with warm up, I can run longer more than 45 minutes not including the warm up...

First thing :

Have a light meal such as banana or 2 apples to boost your sugar level 30 minutes before exercise...

Second thing :


* warm up thoroughly first
* ease into a stretching routine
* only static stretches (slow, rhythmic movement)
* pay attention to your breathing (take deep belly breaths)
* make stretching a habit
* relax
* listen to your body

Do Not...

* hold your breath
* bounce
* force a stretch
* hold painful stretches
* stretch injured muscles
* hurry through your routine
* compete ()

Second part is taken from here

Third thing :

Know how to run properly by watching this video...


Last Thing :

Drink more water after jogging or exercising to keep away your body from dehydration...and have a good run cheers cheers

Watch this video to motivate you...about improving gradually from Nike

Video Link
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Exercise Fun Tips : Come Share =)
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